More than people who tried to actively help me
It’s the people who quietly sit by and ignore me whenever I freak out and have spells of depression and rage that end up helping me heal more
These are the people who let me rant and rage by myself, who turn away when they see I might attack them and then who come back to me when they see that I’m done with my fit and tell me it’s okay, we all fuck up and to stop taking myself so seriously cuz they aren’t
Contrary to what I tell people, I’m not the kind of person you can help, or one that even wants to be helped
I just need some space so that I can figure myself out, and I want some people to be there during the times I’m tired of living in my own head and want to do something outside of it for a change.. and the people who are there, who don’t judge me for my loss of control or the fact that I never seem to learn.. those are the people I thank the universe for after every time I lose my mind
You guys are my angels
From Dubai, Kolkata, Pune and the Internet
Thank you
I am learning

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