Saturday 17 June

We do creative work together

We are both entertaining

i like that he loves me and wants to protect me

he’s close to my family

he’s very kind


we both have terrible tempers

we’re both insecure


we don’t understand each others words


Assam, Bangladesh, Illegal Immigrants

With a population of somewhere around 10,0o0,000 and an area (livable and non liveable??) 147,570 square km, Bangladesh has a population density of 1095 per square km. This makes it the most densely populated country with a population of around 10,000,000 (according to Wikipedia {})

Demon etisation

India’s Demonetization–What is Next?

Earthling Experience

Earthling Experience – India (August 21st 2016)

“earth-ling n. – One who inhabits the earth.”

Hello <media house, city>,

We are pleased to invite you to a synchronized nation-wide audio visual event, aimed to draw attention to the experiences of our fellow earthlings – the non-human animals who suffer because of the everyday choices we make. Through the use of real life footage, this activity intends to educate people on how our fellow earthlings are objectified by our species. Non human animals also deserve freedom, not commodification. When we consume animal-based products or services, we rob them of the most fundamental right of any sentient creature- the right to live freely upon this Earth.

The participating cities are Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Jammu, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata and Chennai. The event is organized by ‘India Against Speciesism’, a network of volunteers from various walks of life that organized two previous pan-India marches across numerous cities last year.

Time: Sunday, 21st August, 2016, <Mention city specific timing here>

Media Interaction Time: <Mention city specific time when media should cover it>

Venue: <Mention city specific venue here>

What: Audio-Visual activity aimed to educate people on the realities of the animal industry

Contact:, <City Name>:<City specific contact>, India: Pulkit (7893165919)

Facebook event:

The aim of this event is to spread awareness about the conditions our fellow earthlings live in due to speciesism, which refers to discriminatory actions that exploit sentient beings on the basis that they are not human. Justice and kindness should not be confined to humans alone when we know that animals too can suffer acutely. When it’s not fair to discriminate against or hurt members of other genders, races, castes and religions, we question how it is fair to exploit or hurt animals merely because they belong to other species, especially when the exploitation of animals for food, clothing, entertainment, etc., is unnecessary. We can live healthily without breeding sentient beings into an existence filled with cruelty and oppression.

In doing so, we can also realise many other benefits in the areas of human health, environmental sustainability and hunger. According to numerous reports from sources including the United Nations, the animal industry is a leading contributor to global warming. This includes livestock used for production of draft power, eggs, wool and dairy products. We owe it to ourselves, to our fellow earthlings, and to the only planet we call home- to reverse the impact our habits are creating upon the environment.

The media has always supported progressive causes and amplified the voice of activists. We request you to attend and cover this event, and be a catalyst to help create a better world for the animals and humans.

Please RSVP to confirm your participation. If you’d like to get details on other cities’ plans, please contact us using the information above.


<City Media Coordinator’s Name for email or Signature for printed invites>

“Since we all inhabit the earth, we are all considered earthlings. There is no sexism, racism, or speciesism in the term ‘earthling’. It encompasses each and every one of us: warm- or cold-blooded, mammal, vertebrate or invertebrate, bird, reptile, amphibian, fish and human alike.”

-Earthlings, 2005


More than people who tried to actively help me
It’s the people who quietly sit by and ignore me whenever I freak out and have spells of depression and rage that end up helping me heal more
These are the people who let me rant and rage by myself, who turn away when they see I might attack them and then who come back to me when they see that I’m done with my fit and tell me it’s okay, we all fuck up and to stop taking myself so seriously cuz they aren’t
Contrary to what I tell people, I’m not the kind of person you can help, or one that even wants to be helped
I just need some space so that I can figure myself out, and I want some people to be there during the times I’m tired of living in my own head and want to do something outside of it for a change.. and the people who are there, who don’t judge me for my loss of control or the fact that I never seem to learn.. those are the people I thank the universe for after every time I lose my mind
You guys are my angels
From Dubai, Kolkata, Pune and the Internet
Thank you
I am learning

First blog post

Who was Captain Nunu ‘Sunchild’ Ramone?

She was a combination of personality traits and pop cultural references the young version of me wanted to be. An image to live up to. She was positive and energetic, fierce and funny, loud and unashamed. A leader, an inspiration. The ‘anti-girl’ in a conservative all girls school situation in Dubai. But she was also a cry for help and for attention.

The ‘Captain’ was to signify what she feels was her sole achievement – becoming captain of her school house. The ‘Nunu’ was a nickname a friend gave her, a term she viewed as a product of endearment, a glimpse of intimacy. That friend probably just found it funny. After spending years of awkwardness over a 4 syllabic name she could herself barely pronounce, ‘Nunu’ just sounded like a great way to shorten her name and to seem loved at the same time. The ‘Ramone’ was an attempt to seem edgy, stolen from a band whose music the girl barely listened to but whose image incited great excitement. ‘Sunchild’? Well, the younger me thought hippies were really, really cool. So there you have it. Captain Nunu ‘Sunchild’ Ramone.

The younger me was a scared, sensitive child who was ashamed of her own cowardice when it came to confronting people and events that frightened her. She wanted to be the brave champion of the free voice, but that ‘voice’ was relegated to making snide comments about what was ‘mainstream’ and ‘boring’. Real emotions, genuine feelings and vulnerability were stupid phenomenon that were best repressed and ignored rather than honestly dealt with. This eventually lead to me having low self esteem and throwing out my negativity on people around me, my ‘friends’. (One thing I have to admit- the friends I made in school were probably the truest friends I’ve ever made. They always encouraged me and complimented me for the most part, even if I was behaving like a total dickhead. Out of us all, I was probably the most passively abusive yet these people stood by me. Even when I skipped one of my best friends birthdays just to go to some shitty party, even when I used to berate them for talking like ‘Indians’ and listening to shitty music, even when I would plump up my own ego my trying to point out how ‘popular’ I was in comparison to them, they never really left me. Even when I came back from my first year of college and insisted they were all ‘children’, they never left me. And I know, even today, if I approach them with heartbreak, they will still be there for me, even if its just virtually. I am a very lucky girl.) Captain Nunu ‘Sunchild’ Ramone belonged to a child who wanted to be forever happy and strong, to be able to shine out from the abyss of depression. She was the epitome of ‘punk rock’ – trying to rebel while at the same time, keeping everyone else around her happy and amused. Of course, she failed at both. But the girl tried. And eventually, Captain Nunu ‘Sunchild’ Ramone died. Gone was the stoic individual who would try to hide her alienation and depression with loud, crass humour and alternative internet trends.

This post is to hit the final nail on the coffin, to shut the incinerator door. Captain Nunu ‘Sunchild’ Ramone is dead. And now something new must arise from the ashes, like a phoenix. Someone who will take all the positives from the Captain- her energy, her positive attitude, her strength and her love for all things unusual and offbeat.

I salute you, Captain Ramone. You took me through some of the hardest years of my life and somehow kept me from spiraling into darkness. You made me laugh when all I wanted to do was crawl into a dark corner and kill myself. You literally saved my life. For that, I will always cherish you. All things must come to an end. But you will always be remembered, Ramone.

Rest in Power.